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Every year hundreds of unhappy denture wearers come to Gentle Dental for help. They suffer with discomfort and poor chewing ability. Dentures must be right for every individual because dentures will be a part of a person's life forever.

Too many people buy dentures they can't use, dentures that do not come with a money back guarantee. At Gentle Dental this will not happen to you! Soft Dentures Help You Eat Everything Easily And Comfortably. We Guarantee Your Comfort, Chewing Ability, Snug Fit, And A Great Smile.

"At Gentle Dental our soft dentures have helped 1000's of people. You will have a pleasant experience at Gentle Dental.Call us and come in for a free consultation -Everyone loves a Gentle dentist."
                          Dr. Emil Sedrakyan


Our Regular Extraction Price is $140.00
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We want to thank you! My mother is so happy with here new soft dentures. She can finally eat solid food again without Pain!
Thank you for the quick & efficient process in making her new dentures and they were ready within four visits just as you promised.
We are so happy to have found Gentle dental who understands the pain and frustration elderly people have wit their dentures and you cam up with a fast & easy solution....Soft Dentures!
Thank you again from a very satisfied  customer. I will recommend Gentle Dental to all my friends.
                                Sincerely, Maria Gorman
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